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Andantex USA, Inc. is located in Wanamassa, NJ. Sales, Engineering, and technical support are all located here.

The company provides unique gearboxes for use on industrial machinery.
Services include application engineering for standard products, customized designs, manufacturing, assembly and after-market sales support and service for all products.

The Andantex product line consists of the widest variety of industrial Differentials in the world, as well as High-Precision Servo-Reducers, Right-Angle Drives, Mechanical Speed Control Drives, Linear Axis Drives, and Merobel Electromagnetic Particle Brake, Clutches and Torque Limiters.

These products, combined with technical expertise, offer machine design engineers a wide variety of solutions to mechanical drive-train problems.
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Country : USA
Location : Wanamassa, NJ
Mail address : 1705, Valley Road
City/Zip code : Wanamassa, NJ 07705
Tel. : (800) 713 6170
Fax : (732) 493 29 49
E-mail :
Coverage zone : USA, Canada, Mexico