Digital controllers

New digital Controller - Web Tension Control


With MEROBEL's DGT 300+ , Tension Control (tape, rope or wire) is even easier to handle.
DGT 300+, the most advanced of its kind Digital Controllers, offers both an extremely simple user interface and a range of extremely comprehensive functions, coming together in a very low profile case.
DGT 300+ is the most attractive turn-key solution on the market for closed-loop and / or open loop applications for winding, unwinding, and intermediate tension control for the band, the cable and wire.
Fully configurable (through a dedicated PC software or from its front panel keypad), DGT 300+ offers all the specialized functions which are required by tension control applications such as: emergency stop, smooth startup, adjustable taper function, no-stop web turrets management, etc ... the tension setpoint can also be controlled from the outside, with the advanced TCP / IP functions.
DGT 300 + accepts all types of diret inputs from force, laser, ultrasonic sensors, or potentiometers.
The intuitive PC software greatly simplifies the calibration procedure (no switch, adjust strap or resistance).


Advanced regulation capabilities
- automatic PID parameters variation
- open loop + closed loop combination available
- inertia compensation
- smooth startup with programmable slope
- adjustable taper function
- no-stop web turrets management
- five complete built-in memories
- TCP/IPfeatures for direct communication to outside PLCs
- very intuitive PC software