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Integrated Spindle Drive ¼¯³ÉÒ»ÌåµÄÖ÷Öá´«¶¯

GM H-Torque Spindle Motors

GM are the most technically solution for high performance milling spindles. They are the ideal choice for spindle dedicated to hard material milling and for achieving high productivity in a constrained environment.

GM was developed by KESSLER and REDEX, worldleaders in machine-tool systems, to offer high performance hollow shaft liquid cooled motors in combination with a two-speed gearbox, avoiding redundant bearings and interfaces.

GM motor range has been optimized for performance and reliability with fully compatible with conventional control systems.

Option such as rotary unions, clamping systems, encoders or spindle heads, round off the portfolio.

> Hollow shaft diameter up to 60 mm

> Rotary unions, clamping systems, encoders or spindle heads available

> Fully compatible with conventional control systems

> 100% compliant with machine-tool quality manufacturing and testing standards

> 6 sizes

> Max torque up to 8000 Nm

> Max speed up to 12 000 RPM