Since its inception, REDEX ANDANTEX has been managed by a team of engineers, working constantly toward a common goal: Developing high quality products.

Their technology based approach inspired the current REDEXÂ’s vision:

- Technological leadership, high investment in R&D

- Commitment to quality and careful supervision of the manufacturing process

- high quality technical support available for customers

REDEXÂ’s engineers develop new patents every year thus, maintaining the REDEXÂ’s vision of innovation.

Today, REDEX ANDANTEX is still an independent group, with 3 production plants in Europe and in the USA (14 000 m² including more than 100 CNC machine-tools), employing over 300 people.

REDEX ANDANTEX is an internationally oriented company with 7 national branches located in France, United Kingdom, Italy, the USA, Germany, Spain, China and India. In addition, REDEX operates a large network of agents regularly trained on the newest technology, to ensure quality support for its customers.

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