Since its inception in 1949, REDEX ANDANTEX has been managed by a team of engineers, always working toward the same goal : quality products and long term development.

This technology based approach led to a demanding strategy :
- Technological leadership, which means very high level of investment in R&D
- Commitment to quality, which means full control of the manufacturing process
- Superior technical support available for customers, which means strong commitment to sales and technical support network

Its technological leadership results in several new patents every year, when 30% of its turnover is made from products developed during the past 5 years.

Today, REDEX ANDANTEX remains an independent group, owning 3 production plants in Europe and in the USA (14 000 m² including more than 100 CNC machine-tools), employing more than 300 people, with more than one third being graduate engineers and technicians.

REDEX ANDANTEX worldwide sales & support network relies at first on the close team work of its four national branchs located in France, au United Kingdom, en Italy and in the USA , as well as on its local sales engineers covering Germany and Spain.
REDEX ANDANTEX is also at the heart of a large network of agents, regularly trained on the best and newest of the technology.

REDEX ANDANTEX is a global company where engineers and technicians from several countries are driven by the same passion for their job : high precision mechanical engineering.