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Machine tools

• Rack & Pinion Drive

High precision positioning on a rack and pinion axis can only be achieved by eliminating backlash. Even if Machine tool feed gearboxes have been using several mechanical principle for years, it’s well known that the best solution to cancel the backlash is to use two reducers with output pinions preloaded against the rack.

Mechanically preloaded DualDRIVE units achieve the preload by torsionally winding one pinion against the other. One pinion is considered fixed and the other spring loaded. This system is driven by only one motor and doesn’t require any special motor controller. The preload is obtained with a REDEX patented preloading system .

Machine tools

• Spindle drive

REDEX-ANDANTEX’s two speed gearboxes have been designed to extend the constant power range of the machine tool spindle drive motors.
Two speed change means :
- high speed for finishing cuts.
- high torque for hogging out steel or cast iron.
The pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuator used for the speed change remote control is integrated to the gearbox design, and its shift detection is provided through electrical proximity sensors, for easy integration with CNC machine tools.

Machine tools

• Crowns & Pinions Drives - Very high performances

Multiaxe robotics frames or complex millings heads which work on several axis, sharing the main spindle power, require high precision components able to avoid too high noise or temperature generation.
Thanks to HPG-S machining process, REDEX ANDANTEX's bevel gears are hard-machined after carburizing whith a perfect geometry as well as an optimal stress resistance.